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The legend tells how the king Waikew found on the island of Waigeo 6 eggs of which only five parted. Four came to life as 4 males, who become kings and were called Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, Misool.
The fifth egg saw the birth of a female that was confined on the island of Biak, where in few years she gave birth to a boy by the name of Gura Besi that for his heroic deeds warriors became known by the name of Raja Ampat. His name was given to this archipelago, 610 islands, the western end of Papua New Guinea between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Maluku province of Indonesia which was known as Irian Jaya.

Someone has dubbed Raja Ampat as the Holy Grail for the dives, the last frontier of the seas and oceans for the insane amount of flora and fauna that inhabits these pristine waters, a complete mix between what you see in the best places on the planet. Someone has described instead Raja Ampat as the “Edge of the Earth” to mean that more than this place you can not see another like it was the end part of the planet, islands and seabed enclosed in what is known to be the Golden Triangle of the biodiversity.