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ONLUS Help Raja Ampat Family

Help Raja Ampat Family” is No-Profit association which is dedicated and directly operating in improving the poor living conditions of the families of a remote area of Indonesian Papua region, known for the beauty of its marine seabeds.

Our mission is to buy personally and directly on the spot, the basic necessities that these families mostly need and ask us to provide them and we reach village by village supplying directly each family.

FOOD – With 50 € you can buy 2 big bags of rice weighing 20 kg each, 6 kg of flour, 4 kg of sugar, 6 antibacterial soap.

MOSQUITO NET – A mosquito net impregnated with strong insecticide can save a child from malaria! This simple net creates a real physical barrier between a child and the possibility of being stung by the mosquito that carries malaria.

ANTI MALARIA THERAPY – To save the life of a child with malaria is sufficient take one pill 2 times a day for 3 days.

EQUIPMENT FOR SCHOOL – Education means a better future for these children, notebooks and pencils are the foundation of the school.

Help us to help the children and families of Raja Ampat, every single donation counts and even the smaller one is a big help for them!