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House Reef

The house reef of Pulau Wai is very reach in species and offers good diving and snorkelling opportunities, with a great variety of fish and critters. A dive or snorkel along the house reef reveals colourful coral gardens, funny Clownfish in anemones, various schools of fish, every shape and size of reef fish, octopus, cuttle fish, nudibranchs, and more and more…a real feast for the eyes! Often baby Blacktip Sharks can be seen playfully hunting small fish in the shallow water in front of the cottages.

Hard coral

Soft coral

Night dives are really incredible, colourful and productive for photographers; really easy to found Epaulette shark (endemic Raja Ampat walking shark) and Wobbegong shark in few meters from the white beach.


Oloturians arlequin crab (Lissocarcinus orbicularis)

Spot marbled saron (Saron sp.)

At times a school of fish, indonesian name Ikan Oci, and catching blue trevally around the Jetty making for good photographic opportunities, and also schooling batfish usually hide under the old jetty.