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The Wai Eco Resort – Scubacqueando Diving Raja Ampat, newly built in the papuan style, is the dream of a lifetime come true. Located on the beautiful Wai island, is surrounded by an pristine coral reef and a white beach. The resort has currently 6 spacious, comfortable and finely furnished cottages to accomodate few lucky guests. All cottages are set in a lush equatorial nature overlooking the sea.

Raja Ampat is an incredible stunning archipelago comprising over 1.600 islands, hosting thousands of different species some of which are endemic to the region. Raja Ampat is located in West Papua, Indonesia, and it’s undoubtedly a real heaven on earth! Raja Ampat means Four Kings and gets its name from a Papuan mythological story about the four kings that in the past occupied the principal four big islands of this archipelago: Batanta, Misool, Salawati and Waigeo. Marine surveys reveal that Raja Ampat has more than 600 hard coral species which represents more than 75% of all the species in the world. With its rich ecosystem and abundance of species, Raja Ampat is the true heart of the Golden Biodiversity Triangle.

PT SCUBACQUEANDO RAJA AMPAT – Pulau Wai, Kampung Arefi, Distrik Batanta Utara, Kab. Raja Ampat – Propinsi Papua Barat – INDONESIA